I'd like us this month to get back to nature.   The beauty of the seasons, landscapes and the animals on our Earth are around us all.  

There is so much we can look to, and inspire the children with, in our knitting and crocheting.   The marvels of creation are superb and can be defty applied and represented in our makes as they are made of such variety and colour.   

8" squares, hats, hand-warmers and completed blankets are all encouraged for us to craft.

Our colour of the month is GREEN

Here's a lovely song which I feel is pretty apt for this theme:

Here's the link for the Photo Album of makes this month:

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  • September 2022 Theme - Nature's Beauty

    Spring is my fave season, when all the birds make their nests and have their babies in our shrubs.

    • WOWSER!   These are fantastic, Bev.  So much color, and (speaking as a retired bird researcher) accurate looking birds.

    • Oh Bev, these birds look beautiful framed in the lovely green squares! 

    • How gorgeous, Bev. What a beautiful blanket this will be. (This comment was meant to be under the squares!).

    • A FAB host, once again, Karen!!! What a great month!!


  • You have been a great host Karen, a big…..


  • Just wanted to say


    for a wonderful month, Karen.   

    You have inspired us with humor and beautiful works from your magic needles.

  • Thank you Karen!10831634699?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • My Colour of the Month squares.


    • Simply gorgeous!

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