SLIP-OVER version from Jen

Just me again - moving patterns around - here's a SLIP-OVER version from Jen Phillips Comment by jen phillips on November 14, 2009 at 9:07pm Light-weight Tank-top (based on pattern by Warm Woolies) +/- to fit a 6 yrs old Yarn: DK (closest US equivalent = light worsted or sport weight) Needles: 5mm (US 8) 1. cast on 64 sts 2. knit first 8 rows (garter) 3. change to stocking stitch (stockinette) and knit for 10” 4. right side facing – purl 11; knit 42; purl 11 5. purl all 6. purl 11; knit 42; 7. purl all 8. purl 11; knit 42; purl 11 9. purl all 10. bind off the first 5 stitches at the beginning of the next two rows (54sts) 11. decrease 1 stitch at both ends of the next 2 front facing rows (down to 50 sts now 12. knit the first four stitches of every front facing row to keep a garter stitch border on the armhole edges; continue in stocking stitch for 3’ more; change to garter stitch for 1” 13. knit 14 sts, bind off 22 sts; using a 2nd ball join and knit last 14 sts Working both sides at the same time knit until bands measure 2½” . 14. with right side facing knit the first 14 sts, then on left hand needle cast on 22 sts , knit all across on to the right needle - this is now the start of the back 15. with 50 sts on needle knit 1” in garter 16. change to stocking stitch (while keeping the first and last 4 stitches in garter) work 4½ “ 17. on next two front facing rows increase 1 stitch on either end of row 18. cast on 5 stitches at the beginning of each of the next two rows – now back to 64 stitches 19. continue in stocking stitch remembering to purl the first and last 11 stitches of the next 3 front facing rows only. Do 10” more of st st 20. knit 8 rows (garter stitch) 21. bind off 22. Sew side seams. Please note: I have never attempted to write up a pattern before, so I do hope there are no glaring errors in this one. Kudos for this pattern must go to Warm Woolies.

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  • Wendy - I'm glad you are going to do a slip-over. The most imortant thing to remember is that these garments should be a bit stretchy (not knitted too tight) since they sometimes worn over other clothing, and that they are made of very soft yarn since they also are often worn next to the skin. They do not need to be especially thick

    I make a simpler version than this pattern (see my recent examples in the photo section).  For example , two rectangles (knitted or crocheted) 10x12 inches, joined by 2 straps 2 1/2 x5", giving a total length of 15 ".  The slip-over should be at least 3" longer than it is wide, to allow for covering tummies. I think the10x15' size would be about a size 3-4, and I just adjust the size of the rectangle and length of straps ot make a larger size.  Armholes and neck holes need to be roomy.

    • Hi Christine & Anne,

      Thanks for the responses, I always like to see what a garment should look finished like before I attempt it LOL!

      Anne, I have made other slip over patterns (notably Grace's lovely ribbed slip over), but I do like to try new patterns from time to time too.  Keeps me more interested if I do something different occasionally.



  • Went looking for a photo of how this garment should look finished, is this the right one?  (I like to know how things should look when finished before I try them).


  • Is this the right place to post my pattern for my "No Sew" Slip Over? Since I posted the photo a few people have asked for the pattern.

    I used chunky yarn and 6mm needles, will probably fit 8-10 year old.

    CO 68 st
    1st round - k12 place a marker (pm), k10 pm, k24 pm, k10 pm k12 pm

    Round 1 - Purl
    Round 2 - k to 1 st before marker, knit front and back of stitch to increase, slip marker, knit front & back of next stitch. Repeat for each marker.

    Repeat rounds 1 & 2 until you've got about 148 stitches. On next round, cast off stitches between markers 1 & 2 and between markers 3 & 4.

    Continue is stst (knit every round) until top is long enough (add some ribbing or garter stitch at the bottom for about 10 rounds then cast off.

    I've just finished another variation of this with sleeves - To do this, instead of casting off sleeve stitches, place then on waste yarn and then use these stitches to knit the sleeves afterwards (I picked up 2 stitches underneath the arm to avoid a hole appearing here).
    • I love your pattern, Cathy, and have already started one of my own. I am using a finer yarn and 5mm needle (had to start off on 2 needles as I couldn't stretch the stitches around my circular). Could you please give me an approximate measurement for the armhole, that is - the distance between markers 1&2 and then 3&4. Jen xx
      • Jen, Is your pattern above knit in the round? I see rows but is it rounds also? Just wondering. Thanks for all you do for KAS! You're a wonderful contributor!!
        • Hi Donna - thanks for the lovely compliment.
          The pattern above is the very first s/o and was knitted in one piece but not in the round and it needed the sides to be sewn together.
          The black and white one that I posted today was knitted in the round up to the armhole and then split in two separate pieces which just needed the shoulders to be sewn together. It was dead easy and the rib with garter stitch between makes for a very stretchy garment.
  • This is a really great pattern that I'm sure I can have a go at, even with my basic skills. Thanks for posting it.x
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