• Thank you all for your lovely comments. Just have to survive this heat - 39 degrees today - before meeting the ladies!
    • Wow.  Well with all of us in the frigid regions wishing for Spring, no doubt Winter will arrive there soon enough and the children will be SO glad of all the hats and handwarmers and blankets.  I am so happy that there are others able to help distribute the tops and baby items and other items so our precious volunteers don't get burned out. Perhaps the interruption in Postal Services was a very much needed breather and sanity saver for our guys and gals in South Africa.  I love seeing how organized it all is, a very wise idea to keep the offices so ship shape.

      A Happy New Year and more yarn adventures ahead to all of you!


      Jeanne xoxoxo

      p.s. I too envy you Cath your upcoming KAS visit...can't wait to see the pictures!  There are so many of us travelling there with you by proxy that you'll be lucky if you get in the door, LOL.

  • Some pics from yesterday's opening session!





    Although we collected 9 bags of mail, the volunteers opened everything again and we are bang up to date. This was what was left at around mid-day, but it was all opened and processed!


    Bags and bags of tops - we will need to get this distributed soon!


    Joel opened this very bright top!


    Kim working away!


    Lindi and Mabel busy counting!



    Beanies and hand-warmers are pouring in, which is great, but cannot be as a result of the request we made as they are arriving too soon, but they are most welcome!








    • Fantastic sight.

    • Yay, awesome to see lots of lovely goodies arriving again!  I LOVE that bright green top too, it is really going to brighten up the recipients day!

      • Awesome to see those shelves so full of such colourful and warm looking blankets.
    • What a relief to see parcels arriving and being 'found'.

      I will also add how good it is to hear that you have arrived safely, Cath. I think you are in for a fun time with our KASfriends in SA. Can't wait to see you at play on opening day.  :))

      • Ditto all that Bev said!

        Cath, have a lovely time, I'm very envious!.... Can't wait to see the pictures of you with the SA ladies! x

        • Me too, I am awaiting pictures.  I must say I love that bright green top Joel is holding, somebody has great skills to knit that.  I'll happily stick to hats, handwarmers and squares but I love seeing how clever some of our contributors are.  

          What struck me about all those beanies and handwarmers arriving is how the women and men involved are clearly on the same wavelength as our South African front line volunteers...somehow they magically knew what was wanted.  I think one can be very inspired when knitting or crocheting and here's proof!

  • It's good news today! The Bryanston PO is in it's final stages of completion; Wendy has been able to collect 9 mailbags of KAS post and Cath has arrived in SA complete with squares, hats, handwarmers and soft toys ready to meet and help the KAS opening team when they return soon. A good start to the new year :))

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