• I think I spy some of my handwarmers in the box in top photo
  • I think the giant cuddlebug is going to absolutely the right place!

    So many wonderful photos, including Wandi's birthday gathering, a belated Happy Birthday Wandi!

     I am thrilled to glimpse part of my Christmas blanket on a shelf in the close up of the shelving :)) Thank you all!

    • That gorgeous cuddlebug, will give the little one lots of comfort, I am sure.

      Belated birthday wishes to Wandi.....and may she have a lovely year ahead.

      Loving the photos of all those blankets and blanket packs waiting for distributions to begin again.

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Ronda and all her fabulous team in South Africa.  xo

      • Isn't it just a wonderful feast seeing  all those blankets ready to give to the children.  :))

        • Pictures from Opening Day 13.12.16 - the last one until 9th January. Dozens more photos have been received of blankets joined by Chiawelo Gogos which will be posted shortly in the Blanket Room so you may see your squares ...


          • Lovely photos. The children looked so happy to be "helping"!!!

  • Wonderful that our boxes arrived safely and a particularly happy moment for me to see Monty the patchwork monkey in Emilio's arms.

    • A week late posting but Ronda send this picture from last week with the comment:

      A pic of Lindi with a beautiful, huge soft toy which we have donated to her precious nephew, Lonwabo, aged 10 months, who has just lost his mum - Lindi's sister Rachel from unknown causes - she simply collapsed and died 12 days ago.  Her older child is only 6 years old and her husband and all the family are devastated. We have just received this wonderful "KAScuddlebug" and thought whoever donated it would be happy to think of Lonwabo cuddling into it for comfort.


      • My pleasure to have sent this super Cuddlebug to Lonwabo with tons of love, hugs, cuddles and kisses from all the KAS sisters around the world who care so much and make to want a difference to the children xxxx
        • A fantastic find Jude , lets hope that gives Lonwabo so comfort, it is just so sad for him and all of his family :((

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