Valentine Love
Thank you Kiran for the Square Heart. 

from USA

Kiran joined us in 2013 and she has regularly contributed beautiful, neat and colourful squares for the blankets, and who could forget her SA flag blanket ! Really stunning ! She uses it for her profile picture, you may have seen it. We do not have any photos of Kiran to introduce her, just keep an eye out for the little blanket on the forum !

Kiran is known for brights, patterns, mitres, diagonals and all the varieties we love to see in the blankets. Kiran is a whizz at both knitting and crochet.

Enjoy some of her work here and go to the link to see more of her fabulous creations.

October theme: Granny No. 3Mitre Square 3 (with eyelet center))Circle of Squares!

Getting "hooked" on ;)variegated striped patterns

Completed Blanket (Flag of South Africa)

Grannies #4-7Oblique rib patternValentine Squares

Thank you Kiran for your beautiful work that we so enjoy seeing on the forum. You are an inspiration to us, and a joy to the children in South Africa.

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  • Congratulations Kiran! Your beautiful work is greatly valued :))

  • Kiran, you most certainly deserve this award!  Your work is gorgeous, and the children are blessed to have you sending such beauty, love and warmth their way.  Thank you for all you do ... xo

    • Totally agree with Glo....a most worthy recipient indeed.  :))

      • Very well deserved Kiran and I am pleased you found it !!

  • OMG, I can't believe it. I just saw the message from Sue Gillman and learned about it. I hadn't noticed it. I was somehow totally out of loop for last three months (not from knitting though ;)). Thank you all for this honor and the SHA award. I am speechless. I don't think I even deserve this. This is purely a selfish activity on my part. I believe knitting (for KAS) helps me much more than I could imagine. I just love knitting for all the SA children and contribute as much as possible in the time I have.  I am totally blessed to work alongside all of you accomplished knitters and I have learned so much over last four years from all of you. Your sense of humor and support and encouragement is incredible.

    Again I am in deep gratitude for this honor and I hope to continue to knit, crochet and support KAS for many many years to come.

    Love you all.


    P.S. I have a new blanket in works and almost ready to be shipped ;)


  • Congratulations Kiran! You have made a lot of beautiful squares, but most of all I admire your SA flag - blanket! It´s really great!

  • Congratulations on winning the award, Kiran.  Your work is sooooo beautiful !!!

  • Congratulations, Kiran, and thank you for all your beautiful squares.

  • Congratulations, Kiran!  Your handiwork is so neat and beautifully finished.  I love your diagonals.

  • A well deserved award Kiran.....your work is beautiful especially your South African flag........and thank you for inspiring me to make mitre squares, I'd put off trying them until I saw the beauties you made. :))
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