I started writing this comment in the 'Anyone feel like a chat?' thread, but then I thought it needed a thread of it's own.


I've been very busy the past month or two, and I've had a HUGE week this week, I've worked about 65 hours at work, and I'm still nowhere near being on top of things. I've been staying up til 2am, or getting up at 4am to get work done. There is something strange about replying to emails in your pajamas!


It's Friday night and I'm trying to stay up until at least 8:30 pm (!) before I go to bed. I've got nothing on tomorrow morning (wooo hoo - sleep in!), and then we're off to see our nephew's school musical in the afternoon (and give my niece her requested slip over!) School work Saturday night, and then a lazy Sunday morning at home is in order I think! I'll have to go into work Sunday afternoon to get ready for the week, and I'm sure by Sunday night the cleaning and the laundry will be screaming for attention!


Hopefully after next week things will calm down a bit (hopefully!) KAS has been a real blessing to me in the past little while. As I've said before, the monotony of plain knitting is really important to help me unwind. Seeing one of my squares in the lates ezine was a really big boost - encouragement for me to go on making the effort of organising kids, squares and postage! I really enjoy checking in the forum, too. Kind responses and cheerful comments really mean a lot to me. If I need a boost during the day I will try to squeeze in a few minutes to see if someone has replied or left a comment on a photo - it warms my heart to see that.


So thank you KAS, for all you give to me.
Thank you for the sense of community across the oceans.
Thank you for providing me with opportunity to learn new knitting skills, which I can use for me, for my friends and family, and for many who I will never meet. .
Thank you for the kind words, the messages of encouragment and the thoughtful touches.
Thank you for the support I get for knowing that across the miles we are linked, stitch by stitch.
Thank you for reminding me that I can make a difference, and thank you for the photos which prove it. 


Thank you for providing me with such a wonderful platform to build a culture of service amongst my students. Students can DO SOMETHING - make squares. Others can fundraise, donate wool and sell ice cream. Others can count squares, wrap in brown paper and cover in entire rolls of packing tape. Others still drop off squares from their grandmas, and share in the excitement of seeing them in photos. Having the opportunity to develop the culture of service in my school through KAS is invaluable to me.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help the children face the double perils of AIDS and extreme poverty.
Thank you for helping me to help them.
Thank you for showing me the photos that are proof that my work does count, that my work does make a difference.

Thank you for helping me show these beautiful, precious children that yes, someone does care.


Thank you KAS, and everyone who is a part of it, for helping me to change the world.

And thank you KAS, for changing me.



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  • Hi Elizabeth

    I am quite new to The Forum and have just read your 'thank you' and you have expressed everything that I feel.  I have no children of my own, but my heart goes out to all the 'little ones' that we are all trying to help. I was so moved by what you have said that I just had to respond.  I think you are an inspiration. Best wishes Ute


  • Wow,  Elizabeth,

    To you and every other Kas member,  a big THANK YOU from South Africa,   It is such a honor being part of KAS, and to know that every single square (blanket), top, hat, pen, crayon (and everything els) received, makes a difference in the childrens lives.

    At times its heartbreaking to distribute, and knowing that some of these children have nothing other than what is handed to them on that day.

    For as long as I live, I will continue to strive to make a difference in these childrens lives,   one blanket, top, hat at a time, One Kas child at a time, can and will make a difference in the end

    • Can only endorse your sentiments, Lorinda!!  On Friday morning a friend is taking me with her to Ntokozweni Village 35 k's inland from Port Shepstone. They shelter abandoned, orphaned and other children who have no other place to turn to. They also care for elderly people who have no family members left due to AIDS. We have garments and toys to donate. The poverty in the rural areas is devastating and now that winter is really setting in it will be a heavy burden for these people.

      • Are the things you donate the ones you've made yourself or do you receive help from local groups near you as well? Yet again you can't help thinking that some sectors in countries have so much and not far away there's extreme poverty...keep wishing we could shake people up and down and make them SEE how unfair it is. Grrrrrr!

  • Oh Elizabeth I have only just joined Square Circle, but you made me realize why.  I am retired and have no pressures like you, but I do so want to make a difference.  My grandchildren live a long way from me (New Zealand to be exact) but I know with square circle I can become involved with a lot more children I will never meet, but will make a difference to their lives I hope.



  • Hi Elizabeth. I joined the Square Circle just a couple of weeks ago, having already sent off a parcel to KASCare. When I read your message, I felt really good to think that there are so many people who share your opinion on Kascare. I've always crocheted as an antidote to stress. It's much better than taking anti-depressants. Now that I'm retired I can't stop crocheting, but have more than enough afghans in the house. Kascare provides me with a good excuse to go on crocheting and knitting and, at the same time , feel useful while doing it.

    Valerie  xxx

  • It is nice to see all you young people knitting ,as has been said elsewhere I learnt to knit in the 50's when I was off school with measels , now at 60+ I do my knitting at nights while watching the TV,as you say it give a good feeling when you see what may be your square in the Ezine,as it will be winter in Soweto the sewing and distribution will be coming first the squares arrived tally and ezine must come second, we all apreciate this God bless you all


    • I hope you spot some of your squares in the many blanket photos Tom.  Same for everyone else.  Have a look, you might see one of yours...I saw one of my hats.  Wheeee! :D
      • I've only just seen this thread and Elizabeth you put things into words so well. The combination of being able to do something for a cause about which you care very much, and having so much kindness from friends around the world is a very powerful thing.
  • I agree with Harrison's mom, tears in my eyes too.  Thank-you KAS for making this crocheter feel appreciated.
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