• I have tears in my eyes reading this.  Thank you.

    It means so much to the children who receive the blankets and hats and toys.

    It means so much to us to be able to make these things.

    I have spent many hours knitting through tears while grieving for the lost loved ones in my family, knitting while waiting for those who are ill.  I really felt deep emotion to read of the others who do the same.  I knit while waiting in doctors offices, while riding in the truck.  I knit while watching TV (better than munching !!!)

    I knit because I like it.  I knit for love.

    Thank you, KAS, for being there to bring all this together and to turn it into practical love for the children and for us all.


  • My hasn't the little tree you planted in the beginning grown, Sandra and I found you in 2009 , my doesn't time fly , yes we remember the Comfort Club name, do the Prisoners still help? we try to get our parcel as near 2KG as possible as it is the most economic from the UK , postage only went up 10 pence last year for surface mail economy . there is no rush to get the squares there as there are now lots of supporters

    • So many wonderful KAS stories here, Amy. They truly warm the heart and remind me of what a great charity KAS is and how glad I am to have found it.

      Thank you for taking on the task to bring it all to us, in our 10th anniversary year.  xo

  • Sigh! What a beautifully woven report. Thank you Amy.

  • Thank you Amy! I know how hard it is to produce quality information like this, you must have had to do an enormous amount of research and work to produce this wonderful chapter in the KAS Story. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I am sure other members will too.

    How on earth did you manage to produce this complex article using Ning?

    • Thanks ladies,

      I cheat and do all the work in a Microsoft program then save as jpegs and post as a picture.  I can get so much more in one post.

      Anne, next month we will be introduced to the Soweto Comfort Club.  Hope that brings back some memories.

      • Thanks Amy, as I am a bit dim when it  comes to computers, it sounds difficult!  When I first started making and sending blankets to KAS, I remember sending them to the Soweto Comfort Club. I will look forward to finding out where it fits into KAS history.

  • My goodness, Amy, Chapter 2 represents a HUGE amount of work on your part.  I can only imagine the arguments you must have had with Ning trying to assemble such a complicated page. Well done!

    For those of us who have been around since the beginning, it's fun to look back and realize how far KAS has come since the early days. Thank you!

  • Thank you Amy for a fascinating report. I joined KAS last February but how I wish that I had found this wonderful charity sooner. I find it very rewarding to make a small contribution to such a worthy cause. It's so nice to read how it started and has grown in the 10 years, and look forward to learning more about it over the next few months. I am proud to be part of it.

  • I consider myself blessed to be a tiny drop in the mighty KAS ocean      Roz xx

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