• What a great chapter, Amy.  Thank you for all the work you are putting into the KAS Story.

  • These stories are a facinating read, Amy. Thank you.

  • Thank you Amy for another very interesting chapter and for the PDF versions too. You put so much work into these fantastic articles, I hope you know how much your work is appreciated! I don't remember seeing the last verse before 'How could I ask for anything more', it made me think again about what a blanket could mean to a child, apart from warmth. Thanks again Amy.

    ps Just a tiny observation, when you describe the size of each blanket at the beginning of the article, it is reading 7ft x 5ft instead of 7 squares x 5 squares.

    • It's so cold here at present ( Adelaide Hills Australia) I would be happy with a 7 foot blanket!  Great read, thank you Amy

    • Thanks for catching that.  I just read it too many times, and let things slip through the cracks.

      Corrections are always appreciated.

      • I know the feeling Amy! I remember once when I was involved in training some student nurses, my hand outs read bowels and not bowls!

        • Good for a chuckle.

          • Thank you for another fantastic read, Amy. You are amazing!!

  • A deep and profound 'Thank you' to the Gogos.

  • Thank you for the PDF version, Amy.

    I love this fifth chapter. It describes so accurately our close relationship to our crafting, the resulting blankets, the children and those responsible for receiving, finishing and distributing the blankets. Also, it's so beautifully laid out. Thank you, Amy, for all your hard work.

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