• Thank you for your help, everyone. I've been away for a few days (hence the delayed response) but home now and will start sorting, packing and posting this week.

  • Any tips on the best way to pack/send parcels from the UK, to fit in with weight and size restrictions?  I have rather a lot to send:)

    • I agree with everything Karen and Chris have said.

      I buy these mailing bags from Amazon:

      • Just bought some of these to try from ebay £3.99 delivered.

        • £3.56 on Amazon but I know eBay is your best friend, Karen!

          I will just add that if I'm sending only squares I tend to re-use an old yarn delivery bag as the sizing works better. I can get 80 squares in a re-used bag but not in a new one. (I do order a large amount  of yarn at a time.)

          I can usually fit 2 blankets in the new bags or 1 blanket and about 20 squares, depending on thickness.

          (I've never had your amount of hats to send so have no idea how many those would fit!)

          • Oh righto Patricia Th U x.  What title do you put in Amazon search as I couldn't initially find C264 ones?    I'll let you know how I cope size-wise myself.   I really appreciate your info Xx

            • No worries found them £3.50 Amazon ....✔️

              • I've got them in My Orders so I just have to choose Buy Again! Glad you found them.

    • 10971419280?profile=RESIZE_710xIt's up to 2kg.   Dimensions length + depth + height added together must not be more than 90cms.    (Longest side no more than 35cms).   The Royal Mail information is good on line if you struggle Lesley. International Economy small parcel £14.25 today, price goes up some time March.  Customs declaration form needs completed + attached too (pictured). They'll give you this at the counter.    I've just taken 4 + the process at Post Office counter is lengthy as each parcel has to be checked in individually.   Good Luck Xx

      • Hi Lesley. Karen has given you the ‘important stuff’, I only wanted to add that it is more economical to send as close to 2kgs as possible, but not a gram over! It is easier to use a strong plastic bag, I buy postal bags in bulk, but any strong bag will do. Amy has mentioned that parcels that are well taped up with parcel tape are less likely to be tampered with in transit.

        I always keep a little stash of customs forms at home, it saves time at the post office. It is cheaper to send parcels ‘snail mail’ via sea, which is International Economy small parcel rate, sometimes new postal staff don’t scroll down far enough to see the right rate. They say it gets to SA within 8 weeks, I usually find it’s much quicker than that.

        The current rate is…


        I hope this helps!

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