This month we embrace all the things that come are under the African sky.





...and the Animals.

Now is the time to be creative with flags, animals, beadwork designs, instruments, cloth, housing styles and so much more from the continent of Africa.

Let us celebrate together, all that Africa has to show the world, and wrap the children in a warm cozy blanket.

Under The African Sky Album Here

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  • May 2022 Theme - Under the African Sky

    The last of May squares.

    • These appliques are just adorable.  I am very fond of the hedgehog and ladybug.  

      You do find the BEST appliques and make each square so special.  Not sure how your fingers hold up to all that sewing!

    • Oh Bev I laughed out loud at these fun appliques.   Queen of the yarn colour choice + monthly appliques for sure Xx

    • 10564873458?profile=RESIZE_710x

      For being a GREAT host, Amy!!

  • 10547461292?profile=RESIZE_710x

    My first ever crocheted blanket for KAS! 10547464463?profile=RESIZE_710x  

    I made this baby blanket in a pretty tame stitch but I kept the tension even, the sides straight and I even researched and managed a contrasting border.   The yellow colours are way brighter than they've photographed but hey-he I can't have it all can I??   Lol.

    • Welcome to the wonderful world of crochet, Karen! You must feel very proud.

      • Wow Karen!! The quiet achiever!!

        WELL DONE!! Soooo neat and gorgeous, uplifting colourways for a new baby.  :))

    • Well done Karen, so neat and pretty!

    • I can't believe this is your first time making a crochet blanket.  It is brilliant.  You did a marvelous job with the edges and border.  WELL DONE Karen!

      Spot on for this month's theme.

  • May 2022 Theme - Under the African Sky

    A herd of elephants....almost.

    The elephant in the top right is a bit darker, smokier blue than it appears. When I saw it online, I just had to have it, as it reminded me of a blanket that Sharon B. once crocheted, with the elephant squirting itself with water over its back.

    Well, I thought I set myself a modest target of squares this month, in the hope of achieving my aspirations...just once. However, covid had other plans and I have been busy this month with extra grandma duties, taxiing and being a personal shopper with occasional cook thrown in....but on the upside I have continued to escape it.  :))

    I still have a few to complete.

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