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What's on Your Hooks and Needles in February 2024
Will  it be an unfinished project? (goodness knows I have plenty of those)
Some yarn that has been hanging around for a loooong time? (goodness knows I have plenty of that)
A new pattern from your to-do list? (that gets longer every day)
Whatever you fancy, I'm sure you'll have a ball (of yarn).....and maybe just feel a little 'lighter' after this month, when you discover what you have accomplished. (I hope I do).
Have fun!! smile
Colour of the month is
Yes, it can be a little hard (who am I kidding, it can be very hard for a senior like me) to knit comfortably with, but just a very few black squares  can make a whole blanket design POP!!
Any hoo, as I always say -  NO PRESSURE......surprise yourself and each other, in this, our first 'free' month of the year. wink


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    • Awesome Patricia! Just keep crocheting on this beauty and don't look outside :)) xo

    • WOW!   That looks great.   Can't wait to see the whole thing.   No Pressure, of course.

    • Very intriguing......... ✔️

  • Super intro Bev. I do love a touch of black in the blankets and as you say Sharon not great to work with especially in SA with our load shedding. 

  • Great intro Bev. I wish that lovely green unfinished square was mine. I love the colour and the pattern.

    well I had better get on with my many unfinished projects.

  • Yes I tick all three boxes, Bev. Better get working!

  • Great intro Bev - I chortled my way through it!  Look forward to enjoying our creations xx

    • Yes, a great intro ... but, have you been peeking in my windows???   It describes me every step of the way.   

      I'm sure we will have fun this month, even with a little bit of black.   We don't love working with it, but the KASfolk in South Africa really like it because it helps make the blankets look GOOD!  

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