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What's on Your Hooks and Needles in February 2024
Will  it be an unfinished project? (goodness knows I have plenty of those)
Some yarn that has been hanging around for a loooong time? (goodness knows I have plenty of that)
A new pattern from your to-do list? (that gets longer every day)
Whatever you fancy, I'm sure you'll have a ball (of yarn).....and maybe just feel a little 'lighter' after this month, when you discover what you have accomplished. (I hope I do).
Have fun!! smile
Colour of the month is
Yes, it can be a little hard (who am I kidding, it can be very hard for a senior like me) to knit comfortably with, but just a very few black squares  can make a whole blanket design POP!!
Any hoo, as I always say -  NO PRESSURE......surprise yourself and each other, in this, our first 'free' month of the year. wink


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    • A difficult colour to crochet with made outstanding here Amy ✔️

    • LOVE the double heart, Amy!! 

      I have my black yarn waiting....and waiting......just not 'doing' as yet....hahaha.

    • That bobble heart pattern is the best .... any pattern that shows up in black is a miracle.

      • SO true, Sharon!!

      • Gotta love the Crochet Crowd for bobble heart pattern. Free!  https://thecrochetcrowd.com/crochet-double-bobble-heart-square-patt...

        Crochet Double Bobble Heart Square Pattern
        Crochet Double Bobble Heart Square Pattern The Crochet Double Bobble Heart Square was just a first real attempt of playing with a graph to create a f…
  • A fun intro Bev 😄

  • Great intro Bev! xo

  • Oh WOW hurry up and finish it , and then mail it to me in Canada to help brighten our soggy and windy days.

    This blanket is going to be very different from your usual tones. Can't wait to see it.

  • I'm working on a very colourful blanket as an antidote to the miserable weather we've been having.


    • Stunning colours! 

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