What's on your hooks and needles in June 2024?


WELCOME! laughing

It's the start of another month......what are your plans for KAS crafting?
There are soooo many possibilities, it's hard to decide where to begin!
UFOs (unfinished objects)
CoM (colour of the month)
Yarn that you've been itching to knit/crochet
or just close your eyes, put your hand in your stash and surprise yourself.........laughing
Whatever you decide, I hope it brings you as much joy, as it will the children when they receive your 'end results'.
Colour of the month (CoM) is 

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  • The end of my turquoise yarn .12669131699?profile=RESIZE_400x

    • Fabulous bright squares, Pat.

    • Well done, Pat!!! Great collection of designs here and will all work well together in a blanket. I do SOOOO love stripes. laughing

  • Whew. It's a work of art and perfection Patricia. Love it. 

  • I saw a blanket similar to this on social media but it was much bigger than KAS sized and was square shaped. I kept thinking about it, and wondering if I could adapt it, so out came the graph paper and this is the result.


    • Wow what a fabulous blanket. 

    • Oh thats a wonderful colourful blanket!Love it!

    • WOO HOO Patricia!!! Your blanket is AMAZING!!....and STUNNING!!! Colour choices and order are FAB, too!!

    • Wow.  Did you do this in one continuous piece or join as you go - working in blocks?  

      What a labor of love.

      • It's join as you go working in blocks. Because of the placement of the colours I found it had to be worked in quite small areas at a time - which involved a lot more ends to sew in than I'd anticipated!

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