What's on Your Needles and Hooks in April 2024?

What's on your hooks and needles in April 2024?
What surprises await your fellow KASers, from your hooks and needles this month?
I hope it's lots of this.....
and this....
and this....
and this.....
But none of this...............
Colour of the Month (CoM) is
Now some might consider brown a pretty boring colour to put in a child's blanket, but there are soooo many shades......and it complements sooooo many other colours. I'm thinking mint green , lemon,  lilac and lavender, turquoise...to name a few. So, if you have some 'browns' lurking in the bottom of your stash, drag them out...this is their moment (month) to shine!! 


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    • Those are eye-POPPING colors Bev, and yes, your camera didn't know what to do with them.

      Can't wait to see them in a blanket.

  • A great Intro Bev, love the outfit. Amy, Bev, Chris, Diane , and Sharon. You have all started this month with such gusto and outstanding knitting and crochet work. Beautiful squares, and gorgeous blankets. They all look so neat and so cheerful. Looks like a April is going to be a fun month.

  • One finished project. Knitted these squares back in November, but didn't finish sewing on the appliques until now. 9 pjs and 5 pics. They are all the same size, for some reason the pjs just look bigger.


    • Super PJ's and cute appliqués Bev, they will be really eye catching in a blanket 👍

    • Such lovely satiny appliques, Bev.   Don't you know that little fingers will be stroking those soft textures all the time.

    • I think you just wanted to hang on to those gorgeous pink squares for a few more months, Bev!

  • A rainbow from Wales....


    • Love this Welsh rainbow Chris. 

    • Beautiful, Chris. I always love a rainbow blanket.

    • Rainbow are just so inspriational.  The colors are just perfect.

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