Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,

Cozy knit hats and warm hand-made mittens,

Bundles of squares all tied up with strings,

These are a few of our favourite things.

Check out The August Theme to see what favourite things

have come into the forum.

Intuthuko Creche Daveytown

Mother Rosey and Babies

Check here for all the latest additions to the Sorting Room

St. Stithians School donation of 7,000 squares

Hand carried donations from the Gumnuts of Australia

A large donation from our friends in Croatia

The shelves are starting to fill again thanks to the postal strike ending and so many packages coming into the KAS Barn.

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Over 120 subscribers are donating monthly in support of Knit-a-Square.  This helps greatly in paying the ongoing expenses.  With the added expense of paying a processing fee on all overseas parcels [$3.75 USD per parcel], Knit-a-Square is appreciative of every dollar donated. 

The July 2018 Squares List is available.

Because of the heavy workload for the small KAS Team, hats, handwarmers and toys will not be recorded anymore, but please keep sending them because they are desperately needed. In the 2018 Squares List the names of the senders, number of parcels and number of squares will be recorded. Please fill in the Packing Slip completely.


The focus for 2018 and for some time to come will stay as is:

Squares for blankets, hats, handwarmers and cuddly soft toys. 

To see more details, please click HERE




In July we received 12.250 squares, equal to 350 blankets.

In total 89.907 squares, equal to 2.568 blankets!

Many other items were received, such as hats, handwarmers, go-overs, cuddly toys and other goodies.

Due to a postal strike, only 80 parcels were received. Luckily the strike is over, so might your name not be on the July list,  a mountain of parcels arrived at Knit-a-Square on the 7th of August , please click HERE to see a photo of the parcels and a message from Estelle and Ronda.

By means of this hearts square made by Bev Jeffery we say:


From October 2013 until June of 2015 KAS members worked on a square drive called KAS Reaches Great Heights for children.  We went to many sights all around the globe and our ultimate goal was Table Mountain near Cape Town, South Africa. 

That equaled 178,000 squares. 

Click Table Mountain to revisit the journey.

Please use the KAS Packing List and Mailing Label on all your packages being sent to South Africa.  This helps with customs and it helps our volunteers keep our records up to date.  This is the information that we use to create the monthly squares list. Please note that we have shortened the squares list this year to allow our KAS Barn volunteers to have more time sorting and making blanket packs.  We hope our contributors understand this change.

The KAS Pattern Book has beanie and hand-warmer patterns.  We have noticed in some of the recent Distribution photographs that size maybe an issue on these two items.  It is always good to check your measurement to insure that the children will be as warm as possible.

Rebecca Price is hosting a 10th Anniversary Party in the UK this weekend

Saturday 25th August from 10:30 to 15:30

Twyford Village Hall, 15 Main Street, Twyford, Melton Mowbray LE14 2HU

Click here for more details

To all our forum members in the US, Helen Flagg is trying to raise funds to support Thomas.   Visit the United States Group Page for more information.

Find something that you are passionate about in making a difference and you will find a waiting kinship of people willing to unite for the cause.

Wes Adams

For Chapter 7 we are looking at the creativity of our KAS family.  We have gathered photos from every year from forum members and their work.  We highlight some member poems, books and videos.

KAS Story Chapter 7

It was a balmy 18 degrees with no wind as Bongi and I arrived at the Knit-a-Square barn this morning. After a bitterly cold snap a week or two ago, the weather has become unseasonably warm, although we are expecting another cold front soon. At any rate, it was nice not to be freezing as we sat with the garage door open and worked on sorting squares.

Find out more from Leanne here.

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  • Hi Rebecca, only read your Birthday party news 2days ago, it's a Great Idea,and would love to come!, but am off the road so to speak at mo(in between cataract ops), so  sorry to bother you you've got NUFF to think about but was wondering if you have any idea if any member who is driving  over to you on Saturday lives nearby to Kenilworth I.e. about an hours drive from you, (that's between Leamington Spa and Coventry), or if not, maybe someone who is still reading the discussions and may see this message? i've Sussed out buses etc and it's just no way practical...would be really grateful, love LizXx

  • Amy - I really appreciate this - I try to take time to keep up with the threads but where I have not managed it is great to have this digest so I can check in on what I have missed!

    Thanks also for the reminder about the Birthday Party - I have no idea who is coming - I know about 8 people who are and then there are loads who are interested but have not confirmed.  The hall can hold over 100 but I may have a nervous breakdown if that many arrive!!!

    It is indeed good to see people learning about KAS and joining us - more power to your needles and hooks ladies and gents!!!

  • Thank you Amy for this months Snippets, all the important info in one place! :))

  • Thank you, once again, Amy for a most informative update on the happenings at KAS South Africa and all around the world. 

    Lovely to see so many new members and I hope they all enjoy being a part of K-A-S as much as I do.

    Hoping to get a couple of parcels sent in the next couple of weeks and I will certainly donate to cover the costs of the handling fees that Ronda now faces when she picks up my parcels from her post office.

This reply was deleted.