KasSnippets - May 2015



by Ronda Lowrie


In the last couple of weeks we have started to receive Mandela Day squares and what better opportunity to share with you some feedback on last year’s Mandela Day, and, what we have planned for this year!

 Some of the beautiful squares we have received recently!


The 18 July (Nelson Mandela’s birth date) has become a day on which South Africans, and people around the world, are asked to commit 67 minutes of their time to benefit humanity in some way.  As a result, in the two or so months ahead of this date, we receive a number of calls from people or businesses looking for ways in which they can assist KAS as part of this initiative.  Most groups choose to launch knitting campaigns and make squares for Knit-A-Square South Africa.  Each year this campaign gains momentum and year-on-year we find ourselves involved in more than one project on the day or in the week leading up to it.

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by Pam Antink

The scarves are still rolling in from overseas and the total is reaching the 200 mark, please keep them coming! Now I'm settled in my new flat, there will be a chance to get out my Rigid Heddle Loom and give it a test drive! 

Navy Blue Scarf #4single crochetNavy Scarf 1NAVY BLUE SCARF PROJECT - Twenty four, twenty fiveNavy blue scarf 6 (May 15)

Great news! A wonderful milestone and Knit-a-Square ambition was achieved with the first two courses held in April. These will continue twice monthly until the end of September. For some considerable time the South African women in Soweto have been asking to learn knitting & crocheting - which is not a natural craft to Africa. There was one brave gentleman who opted to learn to crochet! Now with the help of Med-Lemon we are at last able to achieve this aim!

Below is the wonderful photograph of Paulina receiving the first Certificate awarded for the Med-Lemon Knitting Course!

Her eyes lit up, and, she said, 

“This is the first certificate I have ever had in my life”

Paulina showed her certificate to every person who arrived at Vuselela and could not wait to show her grandchildren what she had achieved!

Image result for bouquets of flowers images

Well done Paulina from all the worldwide members of



To view photographs taken at the training sessions please go to the 

Sorted in South Africa discussion



Ronda has mentioned that they are desperately short of yarn!

As well as being needed to crochet around the blankets to make them stronger, Ronda has recently received several phone calls from retirement villages who have residents who love to knit, but cannot afford the yarn. Navy blue yarn would be very much appreciated as the ladies can help us with the navy blue scarf project! [Anyone who doesn't fancy making a navy scarf can get one made by-proxy in South Africa - just send the yarn!]

However, any oddments of yarn will help as the office stock has dropped to zero!!

Much needed yarn delivered from a shop in South Africa direct to the office - ordered via the internet by Mili (Croatia) - much appreciated by the office team!



Pay the Office Rent for a Day

by Anne Powell

 Since the Pay the Office Rent discussion was posted on March 25, amazing things have happened. Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of our members, we managed to cover the rent for 26 days in April and so far we have covered 26 days in May. 

It would seem that members are as creative with ideas for rent as they are with squares.

Many individuals have paid for one or more days inspired by occasions like births, birthdays, anniversaries, in memoriams, Easter, or just a “gift” to themselves or a family member.

Some days have been paid for by anonymous donors. One UK donor, who has lots of family celebrations in October, has paid for the entire month!

Perhaps the most amusing idea came from Cath Riley who “collected” enough to pay for a day from her family - for all the years of spud bashing she has done for Sunday family dinners. (Whatever works, Cath – genius idea!).

For some KASfolk a whole day all-in-one-go was a bit much to sponsor, so they formed teams of five – each putting in the equivalent of $10USD to pay for a day.  We have had Terrific Tenners Team #1 and Team #2, Fabulous Fivers (UK) Team#1 and Team#2.

Then along came the USA Nifty Niners who got together and put in $9 (or a whole lot more) and managed to raise enough to pay for seven days.

One of our groups, the Knit for Life ladies in the UK (Pam Johnson and Elaine Jones), used their amazing fundraising skills and were able to pay for seven days.

The creative ideas continued to flow, and Bev Jeffery included a Challenge in her April theme.  The offer was for $1 for every four squares produced for the theme plus a few members got individual sponsors for their squares.  As a result, enough funds were raised to pay for 10 days!!

For the month of May, we have another Challenge accompanying the PJ Theme and expect to raise $160 for 1600 squares towards the rent!

This program is making a huge difference to the operations of Knit-a-square South Africa.  To find out how you can participate, please visit the discussion at

Pay the Office Rent for a Day

Check Helpful Hints on the Menu Bar for instructions on how to make a donation direct to KAS South Africa.

In May members purchased all the days in pink - 26 days rental paid for!



in order to view the next 3 months schedule 

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We are nearly at the top!

Since last month we have climbed and toppled 14 mountains, and, now only have 7 more before we tackle our final target of Table Mountain in South Africa - due to the large number of squares received in April, we might even reach our target in early June!

Čerchov - Czech Republic 170,450 squares needed

Here is the link to add your squares : here !




 Please help Knit-a-Square spread-the-word regarding

Customs Tickets!!!

It is absolutely essential that the Customs Tickets stuck to the parcels has either a value "0" or "1" - anything more than '5' will attract the attention of the South African Customs Officers. Even though the packages are marked "No Commercial Value, Charity Knitting only" - this will be ignored, if the officers spot a high value or that the parcel has been insured.


Several parcels have been received recently with very high values indeed - which cost Knit-a-Square the equivalent of 2 days office rent!

Normally Ronda, leaves the disputed parcels at the depot until the customs people review them and settle for a more reasonable sum. Unfortunately the recent batch was collected by another company who duly paid the duty, then kindly delivered them to the KAS office, and, naturally the money had to be refunded to them.

One parcel had a written value of $50, which received a customs duty charge of 418Rand = $34.50 for 40 squares!

Whilst we recognise the value of the work and yarn involved, it is essential that everyone sticks to zero tolerance!!



See more pics here




Link to recent photographs


Mama Ntombi Community Projects

The Ezinketheni settlement does not have any creches or pre-schools. This week the MNCP Team under Katherine Jackson's leadership started an educational session with children who are not at school. They are also taught fine motor skills. Thank you to Katherine and the Team of Volunteers who assist in this project.

To read more please click here

KNIT-A-SQUARE BLOG by Andrea Palmatier

Have you ever wondered what 370 squares, five hats, two sweaters, two cuddlebags, one Go-Over, hand-warmers and countless slip-ins look like? An influx of squares and hours of work created a backlog that I finally packed, weighed and wrapped.

That’s right, nine packages, made (and filled) with love!

To read the rest of this blog and others by Andrea

 please click here


Put together by Christine Johnson

This month 20 pages of blankets have been added, with plenty more of the most recent blankets being added almost daily by Christine! Members are regularly drooling over the variety - everyone different!

The Blanket Room Collection



PJs and Textures

lead by Gloria Grandy (Nova Scotia)

This month has produced some new acronyms for PJs :

T.R.U.E. P.J.

Truly RemarkableUndeniably Exalted Plain Jane

 or a

P.E.R.T.  P.J.

Pleasantly EmbellishedRadiant Twin Plain Jane

members have been having fun deciding which category their squares are falling into!

Some of the contributions that have arrived so far :

May ThemeMay 2015 Solid Spring GranniesMay PJsMay ThemeIMG_20150513_110913RedPJ - Inspired by naturePurple&Pink11104038_997866580238483_941052562_nMay 2015 Theme: Variegated fish toy on a Plain Jane oceanMay ThemeSquares from June MMay 2015 Theme - 8 PERTSCobequid Educational Centre student knittingMAY 2015 THEME - Shades of greenMay theme - single coloured squareMay - SINGLE-COLOR SQUARES - PJs & Textures ... from Maureen (RJSK)Cobequid Educational Centre student knittingMay Theme -12 PJsFrom Pat (RJSK)

Here are some of the variable squares!

 Donation from JudeMix 1chickensWaterlilly 5-15MigrationOne more from Anne!Flannel flower, Fish Fun, shapes and a Heart upsizedSorted in South Africafive from Bernice!From Myrtis (RJSK)

and here are some of the May much needed hats & hand-warmers!

Hat and handwarmers Handwarmers 39-40IMG_0316Crochet Hand WarmersApril 2015 Hats 74 & 75, Hand Warmers 18 & 19



JUNE - Stitchtastic - a celebration of Stitches, Stripes & Zig Zags - another popular item - Pam Antink

JULY  - Christmas - Glorious Greens & Reds - Debbie Posmontier and Sue Gillman

AUGUST -  "Flags - the international KAS community" - Heather Mensah

SEPTEMBER - Fabulous Faces - Smiley faces, Animal & People faces - Robin Monsees

OCTOBER - Grannies & Garters - Susan Donaldson

NOVEMBER - Oceans/Land/Sky/Space - Valerie Zalewski supported by Linda Maltby

DECEMBER - Year End UFOs, Stash Busters, Plain Janes, Easy Peezies and other Favorites - Susan Haines


by Linda Maltby

The April Squares List is available at www.knit-a-square.com   Click on “Received Squares”

Updated Graphs are available HERE.

Hopefully the backlog, caused by the South African postal strike then the slowdown, has been cleared.  Some parcels may still be arriving later than anticipated.   Eventually all parcels will reach their Knit-a-Square destination.

Squares:  16,299 [465 blankets]


by Linda Maltby

Loom Knit Comfort Doll – the latest addition to the 

KAS Pattern Book


The Loom Comfort doll by Denise Canela [LoomaHat] is a lovely toy for the advanced beginner loom knitter.

Approximately 8 inches/ 20 cm tall, this toy will be loved by a child in South Africa.

 The children have so few, if any toys, to call their own.  This doll will become a special friend to be hugged and provide opportunities for creative play and imaginative conversation.


With a few changes to the finishing touches, a girl doll can also be created.

Link to YouTube video : How to make a Loom Knit Comfort Doll

If you would like to try loom knitting, Denise has informative videos on her website : 


Also visit: 


for instructions by Lucy Wallace on how to make a square on a loom.

Once you have perfected the technique, perhaps you will create a loom knit doll !

The Loom Knit Doll

is available in the

 KAS Pattern Book


edited this month by Gloria Grandy




In September 2012 Barb said,

“Hello from Alberta, Canada”

She has inspired many with her ability to create comfort from chaos ... like when she transformed this:

into this

To read the rest of the award : please click here



James and completed beanie10 year old James making beanieCousin modelling finished beanieTimothy's completed doll8 year old grandson Timothymaking loom dollTimothy and completed doll

We have received an additional 255 Likes on the Facebook page so far during April-May period, taking our total to 9,895 !  We could hit the 10,000 mark in the next month!
We also copy the messages etc received on Facebook to the 

Forum for anyone who is not a member of FB.


This drawing was created by one of the children in Kliptown to describe how they were all feeling that day!

Couldn't resist adding a couple of photos the Med-Lemon Knitting Course - it really is a step forward for Knit-a-Square South Africa!

Our very own Oti has developed into a wonderful Trainer!

The brave gentleman who is learning to crochet!

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  • Thanks for another great report.

    Congratulations, Paulina!! Well done!! *\0/*

    And three cheers for all the other learners, the teachers, the sewer uppers, Team SA, the square contributors, and everyone else who makes all of this possible. *\0/* *\0/* *\0/*

  • Thanks for another get edition of news Pam.  The smiles and joy on every face is great inspiration to keep on working.  KAS is truly working on paying it forward.

  • Pam, just a delight to read KasSnippets and review the month.  When I look at these last pictures, at the concentration and intensity of these novice handicrafters, I can't help but admire them for learning a skill that is not usual/normal for their culture.  The desire to learn and improve must be extremely high. 

  • Another jam-packed, enjoyable KasSnippets, Pam.

    I like Wendy's suggestion of adding yarn to the KasShop, but an alternative way of sponsoring it would be to use the same approach we have for Pay the Rent.

    Donors could follow the instructions for sending rent money direct to Ronda from the Pay the Rent for a Day discussion


    but insert in the message area "funds for yarn".

    The advantage of doing it this way would be that the money would go direct to Ronda and only be subject to one "bite" from Paypal instead of to OZ and then to SA which involves two "bites"

    We don't know the cost of this yarn, but even a $5 donation would probably provide a couple of balls.

    One thought though...... the need for yarn will never supercede the need for rent money,,,,, 

    • Thanks Anne, and one of your 'brain' waves! Will add this to this suggestion to Wendy's - as you rightly say the money arrives immediately and therefore can be used speedily without fuss!

    • I think sending yarn money is a fantastic idea!!  on the list after paying for rent!

  • Thank you Pam. Once more a fruit salad of news.

  • Great newsletter Pam and Rhonda, thank you. My grandsons and their cousin are delighted to see their photos on the snippets.
    • Couldn't resist including the 'young ones' Susanne - their contribution is so valuable! 

  • Great report, and how about adding yarn as a purchase you can make in the KAS shop?  Would be a quicker way of getting it where it is needed and would reduce mailing costs of adding it to parcels?

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