Kambuzuma is 692 miles away form our KAS Barn in Randburg

Athele has a wonderful friend, Tanja Komen who took KAS packages to Zimbabwe and delivered them to children and families in need.  The following comments and photos are from Ahtele and Tanja.

It all starts with getting our beautiful blankets unpacked.

Many blessings and big thanks to Tanj, her friend Cathy and son Max for using their precious fuel and giving of their love, time and energy to pull off this latest wonderful distribution of Knit-A-Square goodies to the impoverished people of Kambazuma, on the outskirts of Harare, Zimbabwe. Every one of the 30 orphaned children that the centre cares for now has a beautiful blanket, a beanie, a pair of hand warmers and a gorgeous toy to bring joy. In addition over 50 toys were given to the children of this desperately impoverished high density suburb. Now more so than ever. Many blessings to all the loving hands that made these gifts of loving care possible!

Seeing all these little people of Kambuzuma orphanage warmed by the care of so many of us from the worldwide Knit-a-Square community makes my heart sing. Bless you and thank you Tanja Komen from all of us for all the effort and expense in precious fuel you went to, to make this wonderful distribution to these vulnerable children in Harare a possibility ❣️

It was heart wrenching to give Delia Chipuru (39 years old) this blanket from Cath Riley and a soft teddy for her baby girl Kupakwashe (a year) . Delia is disabled and struggling in every way & finds it hard to even carry her child . Delia was abused and has now been abandoned by her family since having Kupakwashe.

Thank you Tanja, Cathy and Max for traveling so far to deliver so much warm.  You are all KAS Angels.

More photos will be posted here as they come in.

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  • The recent distribution to Zimbabwe has made the news:


    • Thank you to all who made this distribution possible.  It is so obviously welcome and so obviously needed.  I love seeing the children playing with their new toys and showing off their new blankets, but I admit to a special thrill when I saw my little hippo square in one of the blankets.    Seeing the squares at their final destination is amazing.

  • Here is another photo taken during this distribution from Athele.

    She writes: Bless Orpah and all those who reach out a helping hand to this desperately impoverished community. So glad that packet of cars I found in a parcel at Knit-a-Square made its way here, to bring these young chaps a little joy through the trials. Thanks Ronda Lowrie for letting me pass them onto this worthy outreach and Tanja Komen for getting them there on behalf of the kind soul in the Knit A Square worldwide community who thoughtfully sent them.


  • Those wonderful dolls from Croatia are so special.  God's blessings on everyone who makes dolls and toys.  I'm better off making PJ's (pretty Janes) but I think the handmade dolls and teddies are just adorable.

  • Thank you for reaching out to express our love and care. 

  • Here are more photos from Tanja and her distribution in Zimbabwe, she writes:

    I had five special dolls from Bozica from Croatia which went to the new comers at Kambuzuma orphanage in Zimbabwe. Wesley (17) was given one to give his young disabled sister (5)....
    thank you Knit-a-square


    This special doll was taken to give to her little sister.


    Thank you for sharing all these smiling faces with us.

  • This bought tears to my eyes and makes me even more determined to carry on supporting KAS and all the wonderful work you do on our behalf.  Bless everyone involved with KAS.

  • What a marvelous lot of precious photos.  I have drunk in every single one of them.  I am delighted our love and handiwork has been able to travel to Zimbabwe to help out up there.  I definitely said a prayer for Delia.  Being abandoned by family, wow.   Tanya, Cathy and Max are our newest KAS angels I think.  Thank you SO MUCH for these lovely photos.  I'm thrilled to hear another 50 children got toys too. I hope it brightened up their days a bit.  Perhaps we can do more in future but for now I am thrilled to read this report. Thank you so much for all you've done for these gorgeous kids.  I wanted to hug them all. They're so precious.

  •  Lovely to see some photos from this distribution, thank you all! I spy some of Jude’s cute teddy embellishments in a blanket around a little girl (4th photo from bottom)....... what a joy!

  • Wow, that's a distribution that really tugs at the heart strings! Thanks to everyone involved, and thanks for the wonderful photos.

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