Truly amazing in 2023, KAS has received over 2,000,000 squares from around the world to warm the children of South Africa! In December of 2009, our very first full year of operation we received 50,000 squares.  We have continued to grow.

Many thanks to all our contributors from over 60 countries, our record keepers since the very begining and our amazing volunteers in South Africa.

All take a bow and celebrate.


Ronda with the very first of 2,000,000 squares received by KAS in 2009.



 12328490494?profile=RESIZE_584xThis discussion may have started a little late in December due to the URL change, 

but it has been full speed ahead since it began. Visit this DISCUSSION to

see how our crafty contributors are using up their stashes this holiday season.




Estelle and Athele visited this community center on December 3. 

They distributed over 80 blankets, beanies, toys and hand-warmers.  

See all the photos HERE.










12328510465?profile=RESIZE_400xJust what is a Holiday Challenge?

Check out this discussion and learn why Gloria has made this beautiful blue square.




Patricia has been doing a great job keeping up with the Blanket Room

as we have transitioned to our new URL home.


 Visit the Blanket Room to see what has been arriving in The Barn recently.




Thank you for your patience while we play catch up in this discussion.

The URL change a put a little bump in the road, yet we want to share with all of you what has gone in The Barn recently.  We will be reposting the photos from the BIG Barn move, our new home is just perfect for our needs.  For now you can see the most recent activity going on in South Africa.

12328527866?profile=RESIZE_584xWandi 2 our newest team member and KAS Van driver, Ronda, Vivienne, Wandi and Lindi.

12328529058?profile=RESIZE_584xOur Randburg Team

Audrey, Estelle, Elaine, Liz and Ana

The Barn will re-open on January 9, 2024.


In 2019 KAS and it contributors put together a holiday cookie recipe book. 


You can find this in the KAS SHOP.  It is filled with yummy ideas and is FREE. 




The NOVEMBER - DECEMBER Squares List is available.

Monthly totals:


 During November-December we recorded 122 parcels containing 11.349 squares, equal to 324 blankets!

Many other items were received, such as hats, hand-warmers, cuddly toys and other goodies.


The November squares list includes parcels received as of 1 November up till the 5th of December.

There will be NO December Squares List.
The Barn will be closed as of Dececmber 5th, and will re-open on Tuesday January 9th.





Please find below the squares list as an attachment:

2023 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER SQUARES LIST.pdf and click on it to open it:


2023 OCTOBER SQUARES LIST.pdf and click on it to open it:






Stripes and diagonals are always a hit.  This photo is from Chris McEachern in 2014.







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  • So delighted to see a child with my Christmas Tree blanket here.

    I have just spent some time catching up on all the news.  I hadn't realised the forum was up and working again.

    I know Bev was sorting out themes for 2024. Is this available yet?  I haven't come across it this morning.

    No pressure - just wondering.  I like to sort my yarn, but if I don't put a note in my sorted groups of yarn sometimes I can't remember what I had planned.

    Merry Christmas everyone and all the best for 2024.


    • Hi Sandra.

      I'm sorry, the order of themes is not entirely sorted as yet, but as you may have seen January is Stripes and Diagonals and the CoM is orange.  :))

      The other themes, with the order yet to be determined, are:

      Cute , Cuddly and Caring (this will be in September) Anything you think is cute and/or cuddly. Eg animals....and Caring - hearts, 'love' 'peace'                CoM - Red

      At the Beach

      Celebrations - Christmas, Easter



      De-stash in December  CoM - Cream

      Hope this helps....just a little.  :))


  • Thank you Amy for another great and informative Snippets. Like so many of our members I loved the poems...can read them over and over again.  I appreciate everything from the first stitch of your squares to the costly parcel you all post to us to keep KAS going. Thank you. 


  • Thank you, dear Amy, for pulling all of this information together and wrapping it up in the beautiful package that is KAS Snippets.  You've done an amazing job ... along with all your other jobs ... and I really appreciate you!

    Andrea, it's no surprise that our masthead is absolutely perfect ... right up to the star on the top of the Christmas tree.  It's gorgeous, as always!  Thank you for sharing your creative talents with us.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to all our generous KAS contributors and a heartfelt wish for a Happy and Peaceful New Year.

  • Phew!!    What an action packed and full of important information read.   Well Done and Thank You Amy  xx

    It's really lovely to see the poems at this time of year - always bring a wee tear to the eye even if I have read them before, it is like reading them for the first time, every time.    Zipperty doo dah with the statistics too folks - I must compliment Ronda that she has barely changed since that picture in 2009 - what a smile too xx

    I'm proud and honoured to call many of our members friends.   I just love the support and interest we show each other across the globe.    Not forgetting the incredible coverage of the darling children as they are gathered to be given our goodies.   This Snippets presentation makes me very humble indeed.

    I offer you all my love and Thanks for our combined effort going on, and on, and on...........Merry Christmas Folks - stay safe and we'll see each other in the New Year xx

  • Thank you Amy for this festive Snipps, it's a lot of work on your part, but it is greatly appreciated. Thank you Andrea for your brilliant masthead. It's lovely to read Anne and Arlene's poems again and catch up on the year's news.

    It is an amazing landmark, 2 million squares in 14 years! All crafted by kind hearted members from across the world, so much love, talent and goodwill! The SA volunteers do an amazing job, unpacking and sorting so many squares etc and creating beautiful blankets with them. Then the best part for us all, they distribute the blankets and other goodies to the the vulnerable children. Sincere thanks to all.

    I always feel it's a privilege to be a part of KAS, the needs of the children are as great today as they were 14 years ago; may the work of KAS continue for many more years to come.

    Wishing you all a Happy Christmas.

  • I have just scrolled through the photos in the blanket room and seen some of my squares.  A bit disappointed when I sent enough squares in matching colours and a theme together with matching hat and hand warmers, with a note included to say they were a theme, that they have been mixed up with other squares and credited to someone else. Don't they take any notice of this when unpacking the parcels? 

    • Whilst I can understand you being a little disappointed Lesley, I do think your public comments are a little harsh given the vast amount of parcels that are opened in a short space of time every week.   I'm sure no-one has gone out of their way to deliberately ignore your note.   Thinking positively, I'd be so pleased and feel lucky for myself to have the chance to see my own crafting being used, let alone having a name check along with it.   Every item sent is precious and is treated so x

      • I remember somebody complaining about people, like myself, sending complete blankets, when they thought the "whole point" of KAS was to mix up squares from different contributors, so you can't please everybody. Personally I would have thought the whole point of KAS was to provide some warmth for the children.

        • I'm sorry that this has been your experience, Lesley.

          All the volunteers in South Africa work extremely hard to 'get it right', whilst unpacking piles of our crafted goodies, on just one day each week...then sorted, recorded etc. As in all areas of life, mistakes can be made.

          Please don't be disheartened. I am always so grateful for the fact that I occasionally get to see some of my squares in a blanket, wrapped around a little child....that makes my day. I do not know of any other charity that provides so much feedback after receiving parcels. By feedback, I mean squares lists, blanket room photos, distribution pics/information. 

          Thank you Amy for a wonderful Christmas edition of Snips. I was so hoping you would include Anne and Arlene's poems so that I could read them again....and you didn't disappoint.  :))

          Happy holidays to all. Hoping you all find a little yarn in your stocking.  xo

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